Magnetic Mind Mastery

Have you always wanted to ride, but just can’t overcome the obstables that are stopping you from achieving your dream?

My name is Sharon, I have 40 plus years’ experience in teaching people to ride, and I have been a certified Magnetic Mind Coach since 2020).

Being the owner and operator of Horse Riding Tasmania for many years I have taken people out on trail rides who have had no experience on horseback at all.

I have a passion for teaching people who are lacking confidence, nervous or fearful. There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than seeing them reach their goals.

When Covid hit I wasn’t able to take clients horseriding, so I decided I should learn something during this time of uncertainty.  In a YouTube Advert I first “met” saw Christopher Duncan and wittnessed 2 women being released from their fear of public speaking.

So with my love of horses, teaching and coaching I have come up with a program that combines them all.

Although my Magnetic Mind Coaching does not have to involve horses….

I have a program that would suit anyone wishing to overcome any road blocks in their life creating an average perfect day.

*Please note my coaching is an on-line program, although in special circumstances (in regards to conquering your fear of horse riding) a combination of on-line and pratical sessions can be organised.


  1. Unstoppable you
  • Become the you, you want to be!
  • Discover your TRUE CHOICES, real goals and dreams.
  • Begin to prioritise and plan.

Smorgasbord Epic Life

  • You can have anything you just can’t have everything!
  • Create A LIFE YOU LOVE by understanding your TRUE NATURE and PURPOSE. Improve your HEALTH and VITALITY and become the PREDOMINANT CREATIVE FORCE in your life.
  • Become Super-conscious.
  1. Relationship Reality
  • Who am I? and Who are you?
  • The 9 Enneagrams and how they influence love, friendship and work.
  • Finding your superpower while you release your dark side.
  1. Money Magnet
  • Create FIANANCIAL FREEDOM by recognising and rewiring how you feel about money.
  • Shift your brain into fast forward by eliminating your subconscious past thoughts, beliefs and inherited patterns.
  1. Perceptual Shift
  • Shift something big or small that blocks your results.
  • Mastery.
  1. Acceptance
  • Once you accept what you don’t want, you can create what you do want.
  • Understanding the Superconscious Recode.
  1. Power Up
  • The super highway to success in 6 easy steps.
  • Achieve bigger results in the shortest time possible.


  • The 3 pictures.
  • The 3 P’s Priority, Plan, Pretend.
  1. Intuition
  • Understanding how to connect to THE FIELD and identifying whether your thoughts are positively or negatively affecting your results.
  • If I do this, the outcome is this!
  1. Ten-sion
  • Using tension to effortlessly move towards your goals.
  • Anxiety is rephraseable.

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