Our Horses


16.3 HH
Colour: flea-bidden grey (a colour consisting of white hair coat with small pigmented speckles or freckles..not a flea bitten horse lol).
Ex show jumper and eventer on the mainland/Adelaide. Came back to Tassie to compete. Lovingly gifted by one of our guide’s sister.
Big movement. A gentle soul. Happy to sit at the back of the ride. Wants to be everyone’s friend unless you want to saddle him.


15.2 HH
Purebred Arab
Fleabitten grey gelding (a colour consisting of white hair coat with small pigmented speckles or freckles).
He is a dream!
Nick-named “Hop along Cassidy” due to an old injury he has learned a little hop and a skip.
A handsome boy.


15.2 HH
Colour: Bay
Breed: Standardbred
Bit of a loner, bottom of the pecking border in the herd.
Quirks: if you don’t stretch his front legs out after saddling up he will do it himself at the mounting block!
Loves human attention. A fun ride, energetic, loves a canter and a gallop at the beach.


15.2 HH
Bay Warmblood gelding.
1/2 brother to Forrest Gump, 3rd last foal bred. 
I was there when he was born, he wiggled and crawled over to me first before his mum (such a special moment).
Our next upcoming lead horse, a touchy feely boy who loves to smile.
He is overcoming an injury (not physical but mentally). He is scared of a lot of things, so I use the power of the carrot.
I throw a carrot at whatever scares him and the power of wanting to eat the carrot overcomes the fear. Works every time!


16.3 HH
A stunning mare! And boss mare in the herd.

Clydesdale x thoroughbred.
Kindly donated. Bred for show jumping although too heavy.
Did horseback trails in High Country Victoria. She has had 5 foals.


15.2 HH
Colour: Chestnut
Thoroughbred (ex-racehorse).
Lead horse on trail rides. If you get to ride Skip you’ll be very lucky 🙂

Yaramee Willow (Willow)

15.3 HH
Chestnut Anglo Arab mare
EFA Horse of the Year 1996.
As an Anglo Arab she was added to the ACE Warmblood studbook due to her exceptional conformation.
Extremely hard to achieve, a prestigious award.
Trained to elementary dressage, suitable for advanced riders only. Typical chestnut mare temperament. Very refined, super super sensitive, response at an elite level.
Willow would suit an advanced rider who would like to learn more. She could teach you!


15.2 stocky built
Clydesdale x welsh mountain x Arab
A very handsome boy!
Big feet, you can hear the Thunder when he canters!
Nickname: grumpy guts, but it’s all pretend. If he can pull the wool over your eyes he will.
Great horse to teach people.

Lacy (aka Chantilly lace)

14.2 HH
Purebred Arabian
Grey mare
Born 1990
Can you believe her age, you wouldn’t know it!
This gorgeous girl still loves a canter up the beach. Great starter horse for children and lightweight adults.

Forrest Gump

16.1 HH
Warmblood x thoroughbred bred by us.
Trained up to medium level dressage. Could have been an Olympic dressage horse. His full brother was purchased by an Olympic rider.
Forrest Gump is an amazing ride. Big movement.

Flying Star

15.2 HH
Chestnut mare
Born 2013
Last filly by Northern Aslan, our resident sire back when we were called Aslan’s Run.
Just starting her career as a lead horse.


15.2 HH
Colour: Bay Standardbred.
Fantastic beginners horse.
Loves to be ridden on a loose rein. Another handsome boy.

King (aka “Harry Houdini”)

12.2 HH
Bay gelding
Riding Pony
Cheekiest little monkey!!
Known to be the Houdini of the herd.
Would suit advanced small adult, also a good pony for small child to be led.
Highly trained, forward moving, canters off the lightest touch.
“Look at me! I am very cool and educated!!!
Not for beginners cos if you move your hips you better be quick….it means canter doesn’t it?!!”


15.3 HH
The new kid on the block “Everyone Loves Ryder”.
Most affection horse, more like a puppy dog than a horse. For a young horse he is super cool.
He has so much movement it looks as though he is ready to do tango.
If he was allowed he would come inside and sit on the couch with you.

Blu “Blu To Be Sure”

16.3 HH
Bay gelding
Born 2011
Thoroughbred (ex-race horse) 1 win and 5 starts out of 19 races.
Pedigree: Sire “Murphys Blu Boy”, Dam “Celebrating Ruby” Dam Sire “Spartacus”
We had a horse called “Spartacus” ask me about him one day. He taught my daughter how NOT to ride cross country!
This boy is amazing! A gentle giant who loves water (he only just fits in the float when we take him to the beach).
Couldn’t care less about flappy tarps, nothing seems to faze him. He loves the beach, he will take you in even if you are not ready.
You wouldn’t know he had ever raced as he has a rocking horse canter, slow and comfortable.


14.1 HH

Born around 2008
Arab Bay mare
A pretty young mare who loves nothing more than going to the beach. She is so relaxed with the waves at her feet and the sea breeze in her mane.
Loves the bush trials as well, has speed if you like.  A real sweetie suited to learners and experienced riders.