I am a disabled rider, and had the good fortune to do a trail ride with Sharon Brennan. I have done hundreds of trail rides, and have experienced many trainers and guides in many countries, but Sharon and her horses rank number one. A friend rode with me who is a total novice and was quite apprehensive. Sharon gave her a 30-minute lesson before the ride which resulted in my friend having a very positive experience. Sharon gently talked her through every step of the way, including some challenging up and down hill sections of the 90-minute ride. My friend was never scared, which was a small miracle!! Anyone, equestrian or not, who has not come to Tasmania to ride with Sharon is really missing out.


Having spent the first 25 years of my life on a horse’s back (during which time I qualified as a British Horse Society riding instructor), and the next 25 as a mother and career woman in the City, I bought a lovely 16.2hh, 4 year old Australian Warmblood a year ago.

At this time, I found Sharon Brennan’s “AAA Horse Riding Tasmania” on the Internet, as I knew I would need some assistance and guidance after so long away from the horse world.

I have used Sharon’s professional services in a variety of ways that have suited my needs:

  • When I have been away travelling, I have had complete confidence that Sharon’s agistment facilities have provided an excellent and safe environment for my horse “Togs”.
  • Over the last couple of months (at time of writing), Sharon has been helping with the next stage in Togs’s education.  He has been agisted with Sharon, where he has had some more intensive training than I could have given him on my own, and with the facilities I have at home.
  • During this time, I have visited Sharon’s facilities 2 or 3 times a week and had lessons on the flat, over jumps, and some wonderful beach rides in company.
  • On the days when I have not ridden, Sharon has worked Togs herself, so the whole process is being supported by Sharon’s contribution, as well as her input into my riding after such a break.
  • Togs is in peak condition:  It was no trouble to Sharon to follow the feeding regimen with which he came to her – and the results speak for themselves.

I would like to recommend Sharon Brennan as an extremely competent horsewoman, a calm and communicative teacher of people, an effective and empathetic rider and trainer of horses, and an innovative business woman.

Clare Yeoland

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Sharon Brennan for the most wonderful beach ride I have ever been on.

I recently went on a beach ride with Sharon’s “Horse Riding Tasmania”.  We started at the car park at “Five Mile Beach” near Hobart Airport.  There were five horses and riders, two of whom were qualified instructors.  While all riders in this case were competent, it was obvious that their horses had been carefully selected in terms of size and experience.

It was obvious that safety was of paramount importance and at the start of the ride, rules to ensure the safety of both horses and riders were clearly explained.

The tide was out exposing a very wide beach area, and we had a wonderful outward ride along Five Mile Beach.  On reaching the end, we went around the sand-dunes at the point and along part of Seven Mile Beach.

Sharon was extremely attentive at all times in ensuring that everyone was comfortable with the pace, and as all were, we had a wonderful gallop for a couple of kilometres along Seven Mile Beach.

These two beaches, for those who don’t know, are either side of a peninsula and in-between are a number of wide, sandy tracks weaving through pine and Cyprus forest.  The weather was beautiful and the smell of warm pine needles and hot horse created one of those unforgettable moments.

Our ride was about three and a half hours long, and we returned to our transport and starting point, tired and exhilarated.  On dismounting and unsaddling our horses, they were led to a sandy spot where they were allowed to roll, much to the delight of all – especially the horses!

I understand that Sharon also takes beach rides of various lengths and for less experienced riders and even children on leading reins where necessary.

I can strongly recommend Horse Riding Tasmania’s beach rides to anyone.

Thank you again Sharon, for a truly memorable experience!

With Kind Regards

 Freya Sundt

Our ride with AAA Horse Riding Tasmania was the highlight of our weekend to Tasmania.  We were a group of five riders with very different levels of experience.  Sharon and the other guides catered the ride to us.  Everyone got to ride together and share the experience and when some of the members were ready to trot or canter down the beach, that was available too.

We loved our unique beach ride with AAA, the guides were extremely friendly and helpful, and we had an amazing beach ride tailored to our own level of riding.  We could just stroll out into the waves rolling in or go for an exhilarating gallop down the shoreline–it was a once in a lifetime ride!

We had the most fun and romantic beach ride with AAA.  Sharon was there if we needed her, but gave us our space to walk amongst the waves and see the sights of the harbor at our own pace.  The whole experience was more then worth it.  A Tassie beer and cherries at the end of the ride was a perfect touch.  It would be a shame to visit Tasmania without riding with AAA.

AAA can cater to any level of rider.  The instruction is personal and your safety is put first.  I would recommend this company to someone who has never been on a horse or someone who is an avid rider and wants a special addition to their Tasmania trip.  This is a must-do while you are Down Under.

Kate Kunka

I first stayed with Sharon and her family in March 2009 and had such a fantastic time that I went back for a 2nd stay!  Everyone was very welcoming and made me feel part of the family immediately.  Lots of laughter is guaranteed!

Sharon has a great range of horses, all very friendly and full of character.  There are plenty of opportunities for riding – not just on the farm but also on the magnificent beach rider.  The scenery is stunning.  Obviously in return for all for this there is some work to do.  This usually involves feeding getting the horses ready for rides, assisting with lessons, keeping the tack room/stables area tidy, and so on.

There’s always the chance to meet new people, with regular clients coming and going (they’re treated like family too!).  I will definitely keep in contact with Sharon and everyone I met whilst staying in Tasmania – and would love to go back for visit 3!

UK Hannah

I would highly recommend Sharon’s riding school and trails.  I’m a nervous rider with little experience but wanted to be able to achieve a trot and feel secure by the end of the 1 ½ hour ride.  Sharon found a suitable horse, and proceded in a very patient and encouraging way to instruct me on the best ways to sit and move so by the time we left the arena to start the trail ride my nerves had gone and I was already successfully guiding my horse round a mini obstacle course at a trotting pace!  Enjoyed a beautiful ride and left with a real sense of satisfaction.  Will definitely book again next time I’m in the area.

Hi, It’s Sally. I wanted to say that I really really enjoyed the ride today. It was a very unique experience. I loved every moment and am telling everyone I know about you. Its not just the riding but the wonderful warm people. You are just such a friendly bubbly, welcoming person Sharron. I don’t think I can email the photos through this format so if you could reply to my hotmail email then I will send them directly to your email address. Thanks again, I look forward to hearing from you.

Sally Rodman

Dear Sharon
Thankyou for today, the girls and i had a marvelous time and it was well worth the money, you can quote me on that. The following are the testimonials from Elizabeth and Louise Thank-you Sharon and Zoe for taking us horse-riding it was fun and a bit hard.  I hope Mum will bring us again.  Louise 8yrs, Dynnyrne Absolutely fantastic I’m not nervose of horses anymore.  The horses were great.  I am now a definit fan of horse riding. Thank you. Lizzy 10 Dynnyrne Thanks again Sharon, goodluck.

Jane Capp

Hi Sharon,
Thanks so much for a great session yesterday. As I said I was very impressed with the care & respect you showed  to your horses and with importance you placed on Lily’s safety. We felt that we were in very good hands! It was great for me to see Lily learning actual riding skills and she felt proud of herself too. (She often finds new experiences/people pretty challenging (don’t we all?) and at those times becomes become quite serious & focussed – if she is too challenged she will burst into tears/refuse to try – so I could tell from her reaction yesterday that while she was challenged she did enjoy it) She has talked quite a bit about it since, describing what she did/learnt (she liked the trotting best and the jumps) & has enjoyed sharing the photos with her Dad (Mark) & both Granny’s (via email).

As an interstate rider with their own 1* eventer I rarely book a trail ride. When I do I am looking for well kept horses and a unique riding experience amongst beautiful scenery. AAA Horse Riding Tasmania provided all this on quality horses. Next time I am down in Tasmania I will definately be coming back for another ride!


Since I got my much-loved horse Tully Sharon has shown me how to train and ride him with absolute confidence, he has transformed from bucking when just getting on him to being perfect in only four months!!


My horse and I were scared of each other……Sharon brought us together. Being able to sit on my horse was all I wanted for Xmas.

Erica Brown

You have a gift when it comes to teaching, you can always find a way to explain something.

I finally got to gallop up a beach something I have wanted to do for 50 years!!!