Riding Lessons are available for $75 an hour Private.

$40 an hour Group. Your first Introductory lesson is $75.  Group lessons will only be available if there are enough suitable people to share with on the day.

Lessons are also available at your property providing a suitable arena exists. A travel charge of $75 per hour will be added to your lesson fee.

Lessons cover topics such as, Horse Care, Saddling bridling and rugging, Horse Control, Safety, Communicating clearly with your horse, Position and effectiveness of the rider, Clicker Training, Behavioural readjustment, Bridling a difficult horse, Leading, Lungeing and Trailer Loading.

What’s different about us?? Horse Riding Tasmania is our official registered Business Name and we have been operating as a business since the year 2000. We are a small business, Sharon Brennan is the owner, manager, resident Instructor and Head Trail Guide, therefore we give you a very personalised experience.

Sharon works under the guidelines of Horse Safety Australia and has been an executive committee member of Horse Safety Australia  http://www.horsesafetyaustralia.com.au/   

We have experienced school horses available for onsite lessons and our horses are suitable for any level rider.

Lessons vary according to the students needs. For example; A Nervous Adult who used to ride and wants to re-enjoy the experience of interacting with horses A young child who wants to learn to ride; an intermediate rider who wants to get their young horse started or increase their skill level on their horse or ours.

We can help with a horse that has unwanted habits and help you identify whether your horse is in pain or not.

We can also help you find a saddle that fits.

We specialise in Positive reinforcement versus negative reinforcement (negative reinforcement is the traditional method of training animals but not necessarily the approach a lot of people want to take today) Beginners and Nervous riders Gifted Children Horses needing behavioural adjustments for example ones that are difficult to float load, lead, saddle or lunge Perhaps you would like to learn about utilising positive reinforcement methods such as clicker training or muscle therapy.

Why not combine a lesson with a trail ride or alternate? You could also become one of our FREQUENT RIDERS and enjoy heavily discounted rates!

P.S. A mother of four children (whom all learnt to ride), Sharon has been coaching and teaching horse riding skills for 35 years. She is also an Internationally qualified Equine Trigger Point Myotherapist, has 40 years experience riding, competing (National Level), teaching and utilising a cross variety of methods. She is the Creator of www.holistichorsesolutions.com course, certified with the International Institute for Combined Therapies. The constant and future ongoing research for this course ensures that Sharon stays up to date with her Equine knowledge base. This means that students have access to the most up to date and new learning in the Equine Industry World Wide.