Find us at “Hidden Lake” Lot 1 White Hill Road, backing onto Woodvine Nature Reserve, Wattle Hill near Sorell


Imagine 10,000 acres of amazing horse riding tracks of eucalypt woodland, heathlands, sub-alpine areas and pine plantations. There are many differing rides to take depending upon your riding skills, such as several creek crossings, sub-alpine hills and meandering valleys.  Ride up to the old farm homestead and sit under a 100+ old oak tree that leaves you with the feeling that you are merely passing through time.


There are many riding experiences ranging from 1 hour, 2 hours, half day and if you are up for it CAMPING and an OVERNIGHT STAY!  (Observe one of the most picturesque STARLIT SKY’S available WORLDWIDE while sitting by the CAMPFIRE and recover from a long day riding!) However, if you want to take it easy and ease slowly back into riding (or start for your first time) you can ride through the bush observing BIRDLIFE including the Brown Thornbill, Silvereye, Yellow Throated Honeyeater, Black Currawong, Eastern Spinebill, Red Capped Robin to name a few.  A ride down to the lake is a favourite for the horses and people a-like and you will usually see Black Swans, Wood Duck and of course the typical Tasmania Native Hen dashing about.  On a nice summer’s day you can hop in for a swim or simply sit back with a light LUNCH and watch the WILDLIFE as your horse grazes.


For the more EXPERIENCED RIDER, seeking something more adventurous, there are pine plantations to canter through which are traditionally eerily and quiet under foot.  Trotting through the woodlands and a gallop up the hills will get the BLOOD PUMPING and the horses love it.  On most days you can observe large flocks of YELLOW TAILED BLACK COCKATOO passing over head.  In fact this property has the largest flock of the Tasmanian black cockatoos seen to date.


Echidnas, Wedge Tailed Eagles, Sea Eagles, Wombats, Spotted Quolls, Possums and Wallaby’s are also frequently spotted.


And finally one of the most important factors –  SAFETY – which is a guiding principle of Horse Riding Tasmania.  The entire concept of HRT is happiness and fun for both riders and the horses.  Horses are chosen for you based on your height, weight and level of experience.  So regardless of how experienced you are there is definitely something for everyone.  Come meet the horses at HRT and experience this most beautiful riding complex.


P.S . bring along a strong sense of the environment with you! HRT has relocated from Copping and are embarking upon an ecological lifestyle, living off the grid and grazing horses naturally off native grasses while caring for bush by minimising grazing during peak periods – thereby allowing the return of native species during the germination period (for further information on this concept see Holistic Horses Solutions Course information).

Come and Join us for a beautiful ride and explore the best of Tasmania’s South East nature. You might also include a culinary Taste of Tasmania platter while enjoying the sunset.

Come and Join us for a beautiful ride and explore the best of Tasmania’s South East nature. You might also include a culinary Taste of Tasmania platter while enjoying the sunset.




LEASE HORSES (from $35 pw ride as often as you like)

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Our High Country Scenery Ride is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a horse ride but only has a couple of hours to spare. This ride is great to combine with a visit to the Tasman Peninsula.

High Country Scenery Ride




Enjoy an amazing day in the Tasmanian bush and have a beautiful lunch at the lake. Our High Country Lakeview Ride is a perfect choice for a nice active day out.

High Country Lakeview Ride




The Tasmanian bush during sunset is magical! Enjoy it now on horseback and watch the sun set during a beautiful homecooked meal.

High Country Lakeview Evening Ride




You would like to enjoy a trail ride but you have never been on a horse before.

Or maybe you would prefer  to participate in a confidence and team building exercise with your family or friends. Combining a fun filled arena exercise with a short trail ride our Trail and Challenge ride will be perfect for you!

Trail & Challenge