• 2 hour ride, $250 pp
  • 3 hour ride, $300 pp
  • On site 3-4 hours
  • Exclusive ride add $200

Ride at the beach with the wind flowing through your hair and the surf breaking right next to you. Or enjoy a romantic afternoon in the sun while splashing through the water.

We cater for both an easy going ride for beginners and a possible fast paced ride for the experienced rider. Our beach ride is an all EXCLUSIVE ride for two or three, making it the perfect romantic or friendship experience while catering to your individual needs.

The ride is at 5 and 7 Mile beach, which is a peninsula with beaches on both sides. We ride on both beaches and through the bush. The track we take will depend on your experience and fitness level.

Ride up the sand hill track and over to 7 Mile Surf Beach. Experience the thrill of riding up the beach next to the breaking waves. Finish the ride by testing your skills on the “rollercoaster” through the winding tree lined track. Dodge trees and branches, jump over tree roots with glimpses of the beach and beyond.

Finish with a final splash down 5 Mile.  Maybe there is a sunset to be seen.


Location Map