Bush Rides

Come and Join us for a beautiful ride and explore the best of Tasmania’s South West nature.

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Beach Ride

Ride at the beach with the wind flowing through your hair and the surf breaking right next to you

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Bush Rides

Tin Pot Creek A glorious scenic bush ride past Lion Rock with an exciting descent down into the creek. 2.5 hour ride, $165 pp Bluff River Gorge A lovely bush ride with plenty of trot and canter spots and views of incredible sandstone caves and cliffs. 3 hour ride,...

Beach Ride

7 mile Beach Surf and Turf Enjoy the romance and sound of surf, sand, shells and bird life. 2 hour ride, $250 pp 3 hour ride, $300 pp Gallery   Location Map Center mapTrafficBicyclingTransitGoogle MapsGet...

Multi Day Rides

A combination of any of the Bush Rides or Beach Ride – add $50 pp for accommodation and food. Exclusive to your group add $300 Guided 6 hour bush walk Bluff River Gorge $250pp Multi Day stays can also incorporate Day trips to MONA, Mt Wellington, Salamanca,...


Imagine 10,000 acres of amazing horse riding tracks of eucalypt woodland, heathlands, sub-alpine areas and pine plantations.


Echidnas, Wedge Tailed Eagles, Sea Eagles, Wombats, Spotted Quolls, Possums and Wallaby’s are frequently spotted.


Horses are chosen for you based on your height, weight and level of experience


Bring along a strong sense of the environment with you! HRT has relocated from Copping and are embarking upon an ecological lifestyle, living off the grid and grazing horses naturally off native grasses while caring for bush by minimising grazing during peak periods – thereby allowing the return of native species during the germination period (for further information on this concept see Holistic Horses Solutions Course information).